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Five Things That Didn’t Make The Book

Every author has to make choices, or their writings have no end. Such was the case with my latest – Time Really Is Money. I was determined to write a 200 page book, which meant that the following 5 things were not included.

If you haven’t made it by 50

If you own your own time/business and have not seen the need to spend large amounts of time on the $5k per hour vRung, you probably never will. When we were mentoring we noticed that 100% of the time the over-50 crowd opted out of any/all behavioral change. Of course this is human nature. Most people stop recreating themselves at some point, and fifty years of age seems to be a popular choice for biz owners.

An integrated theory of middle market finance

Starting with my book Private Capital Markets in 2004, I have been attempting to create an integrate theory of middle market finance. Only Riccardo Cannaviello – a regular contributor to this thread – has contacted me with this observation. The second edition of PCMs provides the intellectual infrastructure for this theory. The Midas books and TRIM provide the application structure for the theory. If you really want to create substantial value in the middle market, read PCMs and TRIM.

Lack of connection the higher one climbs

The higher one climbs a vLadder, the more isolated they become. My $10 million per hour partner warned me of this more than a year ago, and he was right. Once you get more than 2 platform vRungs away from people (say $50k per hour versus $250 per hour), they have little idea of what you’re talking about, and you have little interest in what they are doing.

My partner says that this explains a couple of things about billionaires (which he is). First, they tend not talk much about biz with common folk. Second, all of the isolation can make them a bit weird over time.

Every 40 years

Since 1850, the U.S. economy has reset itself every 40 years. This always happens for much the same reason: the excesses that build-up over the prior 30 years are not allowed – by the Govt – to reset (blow up). So the whole economy blows up. This should sound familiar. Let’s do the math: 1850s, 1890s, 1930s, 1970s…

2-3x returns

Some extremely positive news results from focusing on highly value added activities. We noticed that most people were achieving financial results far in excess of their personal hourly rate. Over the past 5 years I’ve experienced this 2-3x premium as well. I suspect this is a reward for only working on activities where you can add maximum value.

Enough for today. The author has decided that he should deliver this blog in less than 3,000 characters.

– Rob
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